Immigrant Volunteers are Needed: The Surrey Welcoming Communities Action Plan is Surrey community’s response to a pressing challenge of making this community more inclusive and welcoming. The Surrey Welcoming Communities Project (SWCP) brings together 25 agencies, organizations and institutions, all committed to advancing Surrey’s progress as a priority part of a BC-wide “welcome” initiative.

The Welcoming Spaces and Workplaces initiative is supported by a project advisory comprised of several members of the Surrey Welcoming Communities Committee. Currently, the initiative is seeking volunteers to participate in a study on the welcoming nature of our community.

Volunteers will:

  • Visit local organizations
  • Record their experience
  • Note best practices
  • Make recommendations

To learn and register, visit SWCP website

Welcome to BCITP Network

The BC Internationally Trained Professionals Network (BCITP Net) is a partnership of internationally trained professionals from around the province, working cooperatively, to improve access to meaningful employment for all immigrant professionals in BC. Our primary focus is to empower internationally trained professionals (ITPs) to enter into constructive dialogue with stakeholders and to act on self identified goals.

There are many ways how we can help you:
  • FOR IMMIGRANTS: If you are an immigrant looking to connect with local immigrant professional group or ethno-specific organization, please contact us and we will help you. Alternatively, please check the list of our past member immigrant associations list
  • FOR ASSOCIATIONS: If you are an immigrant/ ethno-specific association or immigrant professional group and would like to be added to our online directory, please contact us
  • FOR IMMIGRANT-SERVING AGENCIES: If you are an immigrant serving agency and would like to share about your new programs/services, please contact us
  • FOR EMPLOYERS: If you are an employer and would like to connect with local immigrant groups and/or advertise job opportunities please contact us
  • FOR RESEARCHERS AND OTHER STAKEHOLDERS: if you would like to get access to 20+ immigrant professional groups, please contact us
How Our Members Contribute to National Projects
The President of ITACC  was invited by the Information and Communications Technology Council to contribute to the development of Canada Readiness Tool for internationally-trained IT professionals. The tool is for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) and is available in both French and English. It provides IEPs with a better understanding of Canadian ICT workplace culture, communication and competencies, thereby improving and facilitating their integration into the ICT workforce in Canada. View the tool

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